Thursday, November 17, 2005

Standing in the rain

This post may initially seem divergent with the musical theme of this blog, but bare with me. Shown here is the corner store where I buy my milk. Its also where I get accosted by hookers when I buy my milk. I really don't live in a bad neighborhood, but it just happens to be where the sketchy drug addled needle trailed tranny street walkers shop their wares. Head to Dalhousie for some slightly higher class tail.

Right. So what does this have to do with anything? Watch this. About halfway through you may recognize the shop. How's that for some cinema verite?

Everybody in Ottawa knows the Rolling Stones filmed their new vid at the small inde bar Zaphods the day after their concert in August. The clubs walls probably heard a Stones song for the first time that night. But they also shot some other footage around the city to fill out a narrative besides wrinkly Mick and mummified Keef strutting on what they likely mockingly refer to as a stage. I've read its supposed to be about a heartbroken guy and his hooker girlfriend. I'm just glad they didn't use one of the "girls" from my corner shop.


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