Monday, October 31, 2005

She is mine!

This is one sweet Tele.

I'll repeat the ad copy from their site, since the link will disappear in the near future: "Liscensed Fender All Parts body / Mike Spicer neck / Seymour Duncan Antiquity P/U's /plays and sounds great / gig bag"

I was a bit concerned about the pups. The Harmonic Design bridge one I had was way rockin - a solid growl, barely any of the trademark Tele twang left. But these are sharp and bright - and clean. I'm really taking to them. And with a twist of the Gain knob on the FD2 she can bust out the RAWK. And a little surprisingly, I'm actually digging the chrome covered neck pup. I couldn't stand the original Tokai in Doro Mizu, too muddy, but this is thick and sweet.

All she needs now is a name.


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