Monday, October 17, 2005

DCFC last night

Still overwhelmed by the show at le Spectrum. I wouldn't know where to begin. The energy. The songs. I finally got to see my favorite band - and they failed to disappoint.

OK, some hi-lights:
* first song of the encore "I will follow you into the dark" just Ben Gibbard and an acoustic guitar and the entire room singing along to the entire song, with cheers at the mention of Calgary (and one boo - its Montreal, they're supposed to hate Alberta)
* with a giddy flourish Ben runs the keys of the piano after a keyboard solo, then guiltily smiles at Chris Walla with a look "What? I'm havin' fun"
* the guitars - they seem to have eliminated the Fender Telecasters and gone to G&L ASATs - Specials with P90s, semi hollows and Blues Boys with the neck humbucker - and Chris also had a solid body Rickenbacker
* the amps - Ben had two Maz Jr's and Chris a Maz Sr. and the Route 66


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