Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Peter Elkas

The show Saturday was incredible. His skills with his beat up Telecaster make me very envious, although, and this might just be my gear fetishizing snobbery, but I was a little tentative about his setup.

Slo Tom was running around getting everything done last minute, as per usual, and never could get rid of a nasty 60Hz hum, but it was the choice of a pair of small Fenders: Silverface Princeton and Blues Jr. that had me a bit surprized. Surely he has access to illusory boutique brands I've never heard of - to get that creamy woman tone which I only dream of - not these rudimentary workhorse practice amps.

But then he played - and the echo chimed in stereo through his Line 6 DL6 (and yeah, thats a purchase I haven't regretted for a second).
So maybe his road gear is basic. Maybe he's got a Roland
Space Echo
and a pair of Mazerati's in his studio. But he sounds fine on stage. Especially in a slow croon cover of Springsteen's Street's of Fire.


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