Monday, September 26, 2005


Nothing to do with Jeff Smiths epic comic other than a somewhat similar naming scheme, Canadian company ToneBone has a series of pedals that mostly involve control and switching. To be honest I originally thought this just overpriced switching, and pretty useless. Then I put the BOSS TU-2 tuner in my signal path hoping for an economical way to split the signal, since it has muted and constant outs, and got nothing but noise for my troubles, especially when my adjacent Mac was on.

Since any recording I do will be on that computer, and the LoopBone (and others in the line up) have a dedicated buffered tuner out to completely remove it from the signal path, its looking quite a bit more attractive. And then I won't have to untangle a mess of cables whenever I want to throw some of the noise into the mix.


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