Monday, September 12, 2005


Can't decide between Digitech Whammy's fixed harmonizing or BOSS PS-5's intelligent harmonizer? If you got $2000 and like fiddling with knobs and buttons, you don't have to: TC Electronic G-Force
Note that its a hell of a lot more than a harmonizer - and if my skills approached Steve Vai's then I'd consider it might reinvigorate some stale playing. But wait, he uses a Whammy too (and an Eventide ...)
Tom at MusicThing cited the new Vintage Pedal line but something about it rings false. The company has some sweet rack processors, and this line of vintage (priced) digital stompboxes - not point to point hand wired true bypass analog boutique clones. Just like ToneCore is to Line 6's flagship pedal lineup - for those that can't afford the top end.
I thought the purpose of going digital was absolute control over your sound, with infinite possibilities - and staying analog/tube was a purity of tone - but with these pedals you sacrifice both.


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