Thursday, September 15, 2005

Monster in a Bottle

So I'm watching Some Kind of Monster on the Documentary Channel last night, riveted to the train wreck that is egos making art by committee with therapeutic mediation. Then Hetfield smiles and points "That was the first amp I ever owned."
I nearly fell of the couch. The head with the tell tale 3 knobs by 3 clusters in a silver face framed in dusty grey tolex, and the smoke stained gold 2x12 grill - SEARS Silvertone Twin Twelve.
Nice. The tone of Cake, Death Cab, the White Stripes ... and Metallica.
As the credits rolled I switched over to MFest as Lightning in a Bottle started. The opening track demanded clarity, a piercing cry of a Blues chanteuse and I scrambled to turn on my stereo to better listen. Metallica never seemed to require more fidelity than my tinny TV speakers could deliver.
I'm sure it had nothing to do with Hetfield never playing the Silvertone, but only Hi-Watts and Mesa Rectifiers. And the bank of vintage Blackface, Brown Tolex and Tweed that flanked centre stage at Radio City Music Hall.


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