Monday, October 24, 2005


Shopping for a new guitar is hardly a painful process for me, but I am torn between waiting til I find the perfect axe and wanting something to play right freaking now.

The G&Ls are beautiful but I'm not sure I can wait 14 weeks to have one made to spec, and nothing I've seen locally has the setup or cosmetics I desire. I'm pretty particular - sunburst Bluesboy, rosewood gloss neck. They always come in either satin/rosewood or maple/gloss, never rosewood/gloss. Yes, I know I'm being anal.

But I've found a couple curious options:
1. MIJ Fender Tele, rosewood/gloss neck, sunburst, binding and a Bigsby
2. MIJ Tokai from the 80s - black on black with rosewood (could be a nice backup beater if I decide to wait for a G&L)
3. Custom Allparts Tele - sunburst with binding, and a rosewood Mike Spicer neck (you can be forgiven for not knowing he's the Guitar Clinic luthier - and yeah, I haven't played it yet 'cuz its in TO but I'm leaning this way)


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