Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And now for something completely different ...

Yeah, I know I'm looking at Telecasters. And this is about as different as you can be and still be an electric guitar. But damn, she's sweet. Plays great, too. I've read some reviews, and it seems if you want a MIJ wannabe 335, this is your girl. And she's actually more of a burgandy wine red, than the picture shows. Sure is purdy.

But I also played the Bigsby Tele this morning, through a little Blues Jr. without the zoo of weekend shoppers. Dang. Beatiful twang. Slow strum a minor chord and ever so gently wang on the trem: instant country ballad.

So my initial plan of buying one great guitar to replace the three stolen last week is shot to hell. I may have to get a few.


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