Monday, November 21, 2005

Moment of weakness

How could I not pick up this mag? Guitars? Yes! Titties? Hell yes! Despite being reminded of some minor backlash at Ampitube for its incredibly sexist marketing campaign, sadly effective to the typical metalhead music shop denizen.

The magazine was baggied to keep me from flipping through it, (which would've quickly saved me the purchase) but the mysteries it held inside had me entranced. Unfortunately it turned out to be less of a review and more of a wholesale endorsement of consumerism. Everything is "awesomely great". Buy everything and you too can sound like Eddie Van Halen. Cuz thats how he got good.

Worse still is that they're obviously pandering to certain companies, or just a certain low end price point or mass market - where everything sounds like the same: crappy hi-gain hi-compression nu-metal shit.

BOSS and Digitech slog it out in this arena - and of the one peice of kit I might like from either of them - a looper pedal such as the RC20-XL or Jamman - they extol the virtues of the much inferior but equally priced BOSS pedal.


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