Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Deja vu

She looks familiar don't she? I actually went a bit snaky when I thought my stolen guitars had resurfaced at Retrotown. I know the neck and pickups are different, but that'd be the obvious way to mask the serial numbers and hide your trail. And that a 2004 Gibson SG Faded with ebony fretboard showed up the same day didn't help matters.

I went so far as to research contact info for stolen property department of the local police, and memorized the SG's serial number for a subtle inspection. I was pretty nervous when I went in to check them out. All for naught though. Binding on the Tele was front only, the couple of nicks I'm sure I'd recognize weren't there, and of course the SG's serial number doesn't match.

[sigh] I think I'd make an awesome undercover cop ... for about five seconds until I get shot for blowing my cover.


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