Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Musicians Weblogs

Just Found a Metafilter thread for musicians weblogs, and immediately went to Radiohead. Note startled Johnny and his early era Tele Plus (mini-toggle is the giveaway). Is the Honda wing decal past the bridge a nod to McCartney's acoustics Detroit Red Wings decal? I think so.

Update: There's a sweet entry by Johnny Greenwood: "There is loads of great music out there that you’ll never have time to find out about. I’m always saying this - boring the arse off someone about this. Partly to make me sound like I know loads of great music that they don’t, and partly to justify why I’ve never heard a note of, say, the Stooges (though I really must, I know, I can I claim to be a an Iggy Pop fan if I've never even heard 'I wanna be your dog'? etc. etc.)"

Wasn't "I wanna be your dog" just on the National Playlist?


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