Friday, February 17, 2006

Arrr, Matey!

"Y'know, I've said it before I'll say it again: one of the most criminally underated performers in Canada; one of my favorite singers for his natural ability. You just believe what he's singing. That is Andrew Vincent from Ottawa, with a brand new song called Dianne" Grant Lawrence on CBC Radio 3 Podcast #38

Just before "Dianne" played on the podcast Grant does the first ever 90 second egg with a listener, ending with "What's your favorite Canadian band" and she replies Tegan & Sara, but narcissist that I am I think what would I reply given no chance to think about it. Hellsyeah, the AV (who was sadly sold out Monday - well sad for me), and as if he heard my thoughts (a week ago when it was recorded) AV's new track comes on, just for me.

You can take a listen here, too.


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