Monday, December 19, 2005


Despite instant rabid fandom of the Black Keys as soon as I heard "Set You Free" on KEXP last week, I didn't post this right away, recalling some unspecific buzz I was sure everyone else already knew about these guys, except me. (I'm not entirely wrong: please note the Babylon logo behind the band from a show a year ago October.)

Even still, it seems less people are in the know than I expected, and in learning a little about guitarist Dan Auerbach, I thought I'd like to write it down. He uses a fingerstyle reminiscent of the first generation of recorded blues masters, like Robbie Johnson, but overdriven and fuzzed to the point of erruption. And his gear is beyond reproach.

Stripped down and simplified balls to the wall blues-rock from a guitar and drums two piece. Hell yeah.


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