Tuesday, January 31, 2006

... make the rockin' world go round

Seems there are two types of guitar players. Those who like knobs and those who, well ... no wait that's crap. Everybody likes knobs. Knobs are good. You get to twiddle them and experiment with sounds. Its why you buy pedals. More knobs.

So what the hell is this? This is a statement saying Queen acheived perfect tone sometime during the 70s and every song I ever play should be with that tone.

VOX is forgetting that Brian May was a bit of a tweaker and circuit bender though. He acheived his tone with a top boost pedal in front of the AC30 (which they've encorporated into the design, but don't allow you to control). And before that the knobs he was given were so inadequate, to acheive his desired tone he built amps out of car radios.

I'm not saying I'm switching over to computer based amp modelling, but less isn't necessarily more.


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