Friday, January 20, 2006

You're a handsome devil ...

... what's your name?

Now normally I'm all about the rosewood fretboards. In my opinion they just feel better, and I read somewhere that the tonal differences are a myth based on 50s era bridges (before rosewood was introduced due to cosmetic reasons - people didn't like the visible wear and stains on maple) being higher off the body and away from the p'ups, hence brighter.

But you gotta admit this Tele looks slick. 70s era Custom with the neckbucker and bridge single coil, in the one finish that wasn't replicated by the Japanese (decent) or Mexican (crappy) reissues. And that maple fretboard matches the finish perfectly. Pure Keef.

But if I ever find an original or Japanese sunburst with rosewood, she will be mine.


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